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February 4, 2013

A Peace Offering – Shelter Kittens

I imagine I may have made some enemies with my last post (about how The Notebook is horrible love story), so I’m hoping to make up for it by posting pictures of adorable cats!

I volunteer a day or two each week at a local cat shelter, so I thought I’d share with you some of the gorgeous, lovely kitties I get to befriend.

20130204-211303.jpgThis is Simba. He’s 8 months old, very friendly and just a little cheeky..

20130204-210324.jpgThis is Simba’s brother Toga. He loves cuddles and shiny toys.

20130204-210557.jpgToga and Simba are BEST FRIENDS!

20130204-211631.jpgThis is their roommate Zorro. He seems a little shy, but I think he might be up to something:

I’ve met so many sweet cats at the shelter! I wish I could take one home!

Stay posted for more adorable cat pictures!

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