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February 2, 2013

Four Years Together

Today marks four years since an awkward 18 year old version of myself made the gut-wrenching decision to knock on the door of my adorably dorky housemate (the one with the abs!), in the middle of the night and ask if he was interested in me.

Happily, he was interested and we stayed up through the wee hours talking it over, and finally sharing our first kiss while lying in the driveway of our share house at 3am (I know, romantic, huh?).

He had to spend the next week away for work, and it felt like the looongest week. The following weekend he came back, and we were inseparable. It was a particular hot Melbourne summer, so we spent Saturday under the air conditioner just chatting. When he checked his phone, he had dozens of missed calls and texts. The Black Saturday bush fires had hit his home town of Kinglake.

This made for a very intense start to a relationship, as I tried to be the support for someone worried for the safety of family and friends*. I got up on Sunday morning to find him gone. He’d left his phone behind. It completely freaked me out, I had no idea where he might have gone, or what he might do. I’d only known him a few months, after all. It turned out he had gone for a run to help clear his head. I decided from then on I would sleep next to him whenever I could.

Since then we’ve had four happy years together. We’ve had our share of things that are meant to “challenge” a relationship. We moved into the same room. We lived with my mother for some time. We moved out to our own place. We went on a holiday to New Zealand. I travelled to Europe on my own. We lived apart for a few months. He has started to teach me to drive. He completed two university degrees. We’ve both had full time jobs. We’ve each had full time jobs while the other person spent a lot of time at home. He bought a drum kit. We moved to a new city where we don’t know anyone. He is currently training for hours and hours a week for a big cycling event he is taking part in (and when I say currently training, I mean right now as I am writing this, alone, on our anniversary). But we’ve always made it work.

I feel like I’m meant to impart some profound advise on how to make relationships work, but I can’t. Somehow, despite our lack of common interests and our incredibly annoying habits it’s been easy for us, so far. We just care for each other, respect each other and love to spend time together.

So, I guess, here’s to many more happy years ahead!

*His family was ok, and they saved their house. They knew many others in the community that weren’t as lucky.


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