MICF 2015 – Murphy McLachlan “Tries It All”

On the middle Saturday of the festival I met up with Cameron (my brother) and Erica (his wife) to catch the second last performance of Murphy McLachlan “Tries It All”. Paris was going to come with me but was feeling unwell most of the day and decided to stay in.

Sometimes I remember to take obligatory pre-show selflies.

Sometimes I remember to take obligatory pre-show selflies.

We settled into seats at the front, which is always our preference at comedy shows. It was a small but enthusiastic audience up for a good time. McLachlan started by asking if someone could be his time keeper. A woman behind us raised her hand. McLachlan asked her name, and they both sniggered slightly.

“err.. Mum” she splattered.

Oh yes, McLachlan’s parents were in the audience.

That didn’t stop him giving his all in this fun and silly show – trying “every kind” of entertainment drawn from a tin by various audience members. I was going to write something about “if you don’t like audience participation this is not for you” but that would be a bit pointless. Its not showing any more!
Murphy McLachlan
His parents were polite audience members until the very end, when McLachlan plugged mates show and his mum pipped up saying “Don’t swear!”, in the most classic mumsy way. McLachlan was a little thrown aback, but simply said “well, it’s a little late” and continued.

Having totally trashed the room with props and crumpled paper, McLachlan proceeded to clean up. And, as if part of the act, his mum started cleaning up with him!

As we filed out I heard his dad say “Hey Murphy, is that my old guitar”. McLachlan replied with a sheepish “yes…” and busied himself picking up papers.

McLachlans parents were definitely a highlight of the show.


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