MICF 2015: Good Friday Night

Holy crap this was the best night yet!! Honestly this was my favourite night of the festival so far. I doubt anything will top it! I’d pre-booked tickets for my sister Lisa and I to see Cal Wilson’s “Undercurrents” and Claire Hooper’s “School Camp”. With almost two hours between the shows we decided to squeeze in a 3rd act and I was delighted when Anne Edmonds show “You Know What I’m Like” fit snugly in between. The only real downer was that I’d made the foolish mistake of leaving the tickets at home! You see, I don’t have a printer of my own so I’d decided to have any tickets I booked far enough in advance mailed out. It was nice to receive exciting yellow envelopes, put together a comedy festical calendar and label them all with the artist and date of the show. I just forgot to account for my being an idiot. I had absolutely no excuse to forget them. It was a public holiday and it was literally the only thing I needed to do for the day. Once again I have to applaud the staff and volunteers. They were very understanding, and printed me new copies of my tickets without much trouble (thank goodness for smartphones and email booking receipts). Next year I’ll choose venue pick up. First up was Cal Wilson, who’s been a favourite of mine for a long time. We all have people (or for some people characters) who we think might just be our spirit animal, and Wilson is one of mine. As always, her show is original, quirky and clever. Ever surprising and strange, but somehow completely relatable. She had both Lisa and I crying, which as I’ve mentioned before is the real way to judge the quality of comedy. Quite an achievement, particularly because we’d caught her a few weeks earlier trying out some of her material at the Portland Hotel comedy night and had already heard parts of the show.

Yeah, I didn't get it either...

Get it? Those red things are currents…

“Undercurrents” is on all festival, and would be a great show for long time fans and comedy virgins alike. We rushed over to the Town Hall to grab replacement tickets and to buy last minute tickets for Anne Edmond’s show. And it was literally last minute, the start time ticking over just as they were printing my ticket at the box office. We managed to sneak in to seats at the back just as Edmonds was introducing herself. It was a sellout show, with a festival pass holder being bumped as a couple arrived at little later than us. I love to see other people enjoying a show, and they don’t have to be my friends. Edmond’s show had the perfect example; there was a guy sitting next to me who was just out-of-control with laughter. His cackling pierced through the noise of the rest of the audience. I don’t know how he was breathing because he barely stopped – laughing at one joke well into the next joke. At one point I heard his say something breathlessly through his laughing, and realised it was a quote from three jokes earlier. He was so caught up he’d missed three other crackers!

I’d never really seen Edmonds before, but by twitter feed had been flooded with other comedians praising her show. I was really excited to have been able to fit it in! And sure enough, “You Know What I’m Like” is an absolute blast. Edmonds is a master story-teller and has crafted painfully accurate characters that reak suburban Australiana. It might have been speaking to my bogan upbringing (that I’ve spent so long trying to mask), but I thoroughly enjoyed this show. Riotously funny, but with some moments not for the faint hearted (banjo music and pig squeals come to mind). I always knew Claire Hooper from her Good News Week days, but I’m ashamed to say never really given much thought to seeing her stand up. That all changed when I saw her do a spot at the Portland Hotel. Now, having seen her show “School Camp” and heard her banter on The Little Dum Dum Club podcast, she’s shot to the top of my favourite comedians (and people) list.    She’s witty and relatable and I adore her. Lisa and I agreed “School Camp” was our favourite show yet. Funny, thoughtful, just brilliant. Hooper had Lisa crying with laughter quicker than I’ve seen before, but that wasn’t the reason it was our favourite. It was hilarious, yes, but it was also thought provoking and almost painfully honest. I love when comedy tackles delicate issues in just the right way. This show does just that really beautifully. I really don’t want to give too much away because this is a wonderful show, and I think everyone should see it! It’s on until the end of the festival! Please, go see this show!

She really is a mad woman.

Took my pregnant sister to see @TheClaireHooper & @calbo tonight – collected quality parenting advice and quality laughs!!


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