MICF 2015: Hannah Gadsby’s “Donkey”

My sister Lisa has got to be my favourite person to go to comedy shows with. She just gets so overwhelmed with laughter, it’s heartwarming and hilarious. She judges how funny a show is based on how much she cries from laughter. It’s the best.

We went to see Hannah Gadsby’s show at last years festival, and it was probably my favourite night of the festival largely because Lisa cried uncontrollably the whole way through. None of my other comedy companions got into a show quite as much as she did. Not only that, but Hannah’s show was also great. So I was pretty excited to be seeing her again, in this years show “Donkey”, with Lisa on Thursday.

Waiting for Gadsby.  #micfmicstand

Waiting for Gadsby.

And it didn’t disappoint. Hannah is charming, clever and really, really funny. Her show this year has a different tone to previously, largely because it’s not all about being sad. In fact some of it is about being happy! It does explore themes of mental illness, but is poignant, insightful and filled with warmth.

This show feels different to her previous shows on another level as well. This is, I suspect, because she has been diagnosed with ADHD and is finally on medication that works for her (this is the major theme for the show). It has quicker pace than I’ve seen Gadsby deliver before, and really feels like it bounces along instead of meandering. I’ve long been a fan of Gadsby but I think she’s gotten even better! If you’ve found her to be too slow or sad in the past I encourage you to give her another go! Gadsby’s comedy has never grabbed by boyfriend Paris’s fancy, but he said she was the absolute highlight of the Gala this year.

You might leave this show wondering if you also have ADHD, or that your brain functions differently to other people in some way. But if you do, you’ll feel ok about it. This show is ultimarely uplifting, and I realise that I do “like my brain” too.


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