MICF 2015: Tuesday Night Dancing & Bart Freebairn Ultra Power Lord

I’m doing my best to keep up with blogging, but between work, seeing lots of shows, and a funeral this week it’s been a challenge. It’s also just occurred to me that I haven’t mentioned that my awesome brother gave me an “Impy Golden Pass”, which means a friend and I can go to every Melbourne International Comedy Festival show at the Imperial Hotel this year. So, that’s why I’m able to go to so many shows on a whim. What brought on this amazing brotherly generosity? He actually managed to win TWO of these passes. Lucky bearded bastard.  

My usual Tuesday night means dinner and a swing dancing lesson. Our usual venue, The Exford Hotel, has comedy shows on during the festival, so the lesson was moved to Wesley Church. This is kind of a disappointment – the venue just isn’t as good. The bar is much more laid back and fun, with more flattering lighting and drinks for those who need it. The fluorescent lights of the church hall call back memories of my grandmother shuffling along to a line dancing lesson with her community ladies group.

But we went along and had a blast as always. It was unfortunately a pretty hot day, and the hall had bad ventilation and cooling. On top of that the teachers decided to teach one of the most energetic moves yet. Suffice to say, I got a bit sticky.  

After the lesson I couldn’t decide whether or not to go straight home and wash off the grossness, or head out to a show at the Impy, so I put it to my swing dancing friend Nick to decide. It turned out he’d never been to a comedy festival show, so of course we HAD to go.  


 We arrived at 8 and decided to see Bart Freebairn’s show “Ultra Power Lord”. We were a little bit late and must have missed a couple of jokes because the room was already laughing. We were able to grab a seat up the back easily enough, which I have to say is kind of a shame – this show is great and deserves a bigger audience! Even with a small crowd Freebairn puts you at ease, and has everyone laughing! His show is about fighting, and is funny and insightful even if you’re not much of a fighter. It made for a really great intro to the festival – classic stand-up with a bit of edge and lots of great laughs.  

 Freebairn is putting in an amazing effort – putting on his show EVERY NIGHT of the festival! 


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