MICF 2015: Friday night pot luck.

I can say that picking something random doesn’t always pay off so well. Sometimes you’re the only people in the audience (I do recommend taking a friend so that you know you won’t have to suffer entirely alone). This happened to us on the first Friday night of the festival when my good friend Tam and I went to see someone neither of us had ever heard of.

Obligatory pre-show selfie.

Obligatory pre-show selfie.

It must be applauded to get up there and give it your all even with only 2 people in the audience. But a lack of an audience only exacerbates a lack of material and presence.

I really wish the act all the best and hope that they find their voice and push their material further to create a better show next time. I don’t like writing mean things so I’ll move on…

Please don’t be discouraged from trying someone new though! Even if the show is terrible; it only lasts 50 minutes and then comes all the fun of bitchy banter with your friends (whether or not you and you friends have any experience with comedy writing or performance) and reminiscing about the awkwardness for years to come. Plus, it makes you appreciate the good shows even more.

We weren’t discouraged! So we made our way to the next unknown act – Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall “and his Amazing Disappearing Enthusiasm”. And this one was a delight! It was in another small venue, but he audience was packed, which was a refreshing change! His comedy is smart and very funny. This show is a very relatable story of changing theories on life. It was early in the season and Tremblay-Birchall admitted the show wasn’t polished, but it was a quirky delight regardless. I can only imagine it improving over the next few weeks of the festival.

Stunning shot of Tremblay-Birchall stolen from his website. It’s not even from the show I went to.

Stunning shot of Tremblay-Birchall stolen from his website. It’s not even from the show I went to.

One small downer was an audience member who just wouldn’t stop talking. Tremblay-Birchall put up an admirable effort trying to ignore them, but on the 3rd interruption broke his flow to point out he could, in fact, hear them (but not see them because of the stage lighting). Despite this, and a later outburst, the interruptions continued through the whole performance. Festival goers – especially in a small venue like this one –  don’t talk through a show. If you’re not enjoying yourself, or you have something important to talk about then leave. That’s right, you’re being lectured on etiquette by a Gen Y! Pick up your game, people! (is that still a Gen Y stereotype, or now that we’re in our 20s do people remember that everyone is rude when they’re 14?)

All-in-all a cracker of a night with a good friend!

Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall and his Amazing Disappearing Enthusiasm is on in Melbourne all festival long!


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