Daily Prompt: All About Me | Hellcat Origins

Today’s Daily Prompt asked bloggers to explain why they chose their blog’s title, and what it means to means. 

Although I’ve only been posting for a short time, the search for the name of my blog started quite some time ago. I didn’t have a theme for what I would write about, I just intended post anything; from anecdotes, to reviews and opinion pieces, to works of fiction. It’s just a place to practice writing in all it’s forms. I really had no idea where to start looking for a name. To begin with I just looked at the things around me, and these were added to my shortlist:

  • Checkered Trunk: inspired by the blue elephant on my mug of tea and the checkered pattern on a calendar in my office.
  • Butterfly Mountain/Mountain Butterfly: inspired by the dress I was wearing, which has a butterfly pattern on it, but in my sleepiness I imagined the butterflies to be snow-capped mountains.

I tried to think of something that described me, but that proved difficult. There was nothing iconic that I really identified with. In my early high school days I considered myself a bit of an odd ball, and I used to wear one of those multi-coloured hats with a propeller on top that slack-jawed kids holding ice creams wear in movies. So I considered for a time calling my blog “Propeller-Hat Girl Grown Up” based on my nickname from the time. But I’d moved on from that identity, and for the most part the people I knew then, so it didn’t really feel like me any more.

I really like wordplay and especially anagrams, so I considered using one of my favourite anagrams “Dynamo Monday”, but I felt that I would feel obligated to post on Mondays and only Mondays. ‘Dynamo’ also conjured up various connotations in my mind, and I’m just not sure I’m ‘electrifying’ enough for a title like that.

This thought got me onto the path of anagrams. I started to explore anagrams of my name (both with and without my middle name), which is how I found “Miry Mosey’s Hellcat”. Some of the rejected short-listed names included:

  • Systemic Holler
  • Most Silly Cheer
  • Comely Slithers (what a combination, huh? So sexual and sleazy),
  • Lily Rot Schemes (for some unknown reason I really like the sound of this one, although it does come across more sinister than I consider myself to be)
  • Chilly Somerset (kind of sounds like a hideous suburban estate, don’t you think?).

But eventually I came to setting on “Miry Mosey’s Hellcat” mostly because I like the sound of it. I was also looking to move on from my previous online alias, which had been “somethingbetterthanmylastidea” (or “somethingbetter” for short) since I was about 9 years old. “Miry Mosey” and/or “Miriam Mosey” had a nice sound to it, I think it suits me and I checked that the username MiryMosey was available on the vast majority of websites I was likely to use (Twitter, Gmail, Tumblr, etc). I’m not a huge fan of my “christian” name anyway, so I liked that is sounds ‘real’ enough that I could use that alias if I am ever published as well.

Eventually I intend to adopt a cat, so perhaps at some stage the “hellcat” part of the title will have more significance, but for now it just has a fun ring to it.


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